Welcome to the Winter Challenge for Age Groups 2008 – 2014!

This is a tournament is open to all USSF, USYSA and US Club
sanctioned organizations; for boys and girls recreational teams 2014 to 2008 with 3 games

Dates: December 4-5, 2021
Location: Surf Cup Sports Park
2014-2008: $595

Teams will be using valid 2021/22 Player ID cards and playing the age groups for the
2021-2022 season.

Registration and payment is available online and the deadline is November 1, 2021. Once you
complete your registration you will receive confirmation that your application has been

We are honored to host your team and we hope to see you on the pitch this summer. If you
are in need of further information, please contact the Tournament Director

Som Faramarzi