Surf Cup Sports is excited to announce BallerTV and NextPro as its exclusive provider of live streaming coverage and athletes recruiting videos across the entirety of this year’s event.

With a presence in over 40 states and coverage of over 1 Million athletes nationwide, BallerTV and NextPro offer the most comprehensive & turnkey video capture, live streaming, and video-based services across the most recognizable brands in youth soccer.

Leave your cameras at home and take full advantage of these high-quality video services. Pre-event discounts are offered if you signed up now!

*No outside video equipment or live streaming by teams will be permitted.

We are excited to commence this expansive partnership with Surf Cup OLDERS (July 22 – July 25), & YOUNGERS Boys & Girls (July 30 – August 1), with the following services available for purchase:

For Customer Support please visit or call the Surf Cup Exclusive Line at (240) 245-2457

BallerTV and NextPro are the official videography providers for Surf Cup 2022. No other professional filming company is allowed. You are not allowed to use your own equipment above 5 feet in elevation, including Trace, Veo, or any other equipment. Any team representative filming with elevated equipment above 5 feet may be asked to remove their equipment.